Tuesday, March 31, 2009


All jubah are imported from Arab Saudi. A friend of mine bought it over there and it is all selected among the best quality in their outlet (materialas, emboidary & bidding). Normal purchase at our local store is around RM400 - RM600. But here, we offer to you a special price which is RM350 only.

(a) A modern plain design at front and emboidary at the back & hand. Very fashionable. Available size medium (M) only.

(b) A plain eligant jubah suitable for dinner or wedding ceremony.

(c)A classic contemporary emboidary jubah. Very arabic looks. Available size medium (M) only.

(d) Pure white emboidary jubah with bidding. Very modern design with soft & smooth materials.

(e) A 100% silk jubah with emboidary at the back and left bottom. Very unique and fashionable. Available in saiz (M) & (L) only.

(f)A 100% silk jubah with colourful bids. Very fine material and comes with modern design.

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