Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Our price are very affordable. Price range is between RM 60-RM180 depends on the material & the quality of the telekung. All are imported from Indonesia & was selected among the best quality at their outlet. Other colors available will be e-mail upon request. Plz do pvt e-mail me if interested.

(a) Paris Cotton - the best quality in town. Available in 2 colors :yellow(as per advertised) and purple. Normal price merchandise is RM280. Now offers at RM180 only. Other colors sold!

(b)Paris cotton - Suitable for those who are prefer less emboidary. Offer at RM15o only!
Colors available are - pink, turquoise, red & peach.

(c) Rosela 2 colors - RM70 only. Colors available are:

-red&choc(as per advertised),

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